One of the main objectives of the Park is to educate the population of Panama of the need of environmental conservation by developing activities that help to create a conservation consciousness that invites to restoration and proper use of natural resources.


1. Provide visitors the facility to develop abilities and skills, the formation of values, attitude changes, responsibility for the conservation of natural resources and improving environmental conditions in the community.
2. Integrating formal and non-formal environmental education through the educator who is the main axis in the educational process.
3. Determine specific needs in formal education, to reinforce the content of Panama’s educational curriculum.
4. Provide information and methodological tools to teachers based on a transverse axis from a scientific and environmental perspective.

Our programs, services and activities:

  1. Natural interpretation tours.
  2. Academic Tours.
  3. The Program “My school is near the forest".
  4. Summer Workshop and Mid-term Workshop.
  5. Social Order Workshop.
  6. Night Tours.
  7. Professional Practices for Colleges Students.
  8. Internships.
  9. Ecological and environmental events.
  10. Volunteering.
  11. Corotú environmental Library
  12. Birthdays

Natural Interpretation Tours

Interpretation Nature Tour

With the help of the Park guides you will enjoy a pleasant walk. You will be able to appreciate a great variety of flora and fauna, enjoy a healthy and natural environment, obtaining information through an interpretation about how interesting and important is to conserve nature and cultivate love towards it.

Acdemic Tours

Academic Tour

We offer primary schools, high-schools and universities, extramural experiences that complement the development of teaching-learning process transforming the forest into an outdoor classroom, where everyone is able to constantly learn about natural history, ecological processes, biodiversity and environmental issues.

Program "My school is near the forest"

This program is specially developed to schools located in social high-risk areas, such as Federal Republic of Brazil School and Pedro J. Sosa School at Calidonia, Fe y Alegría at Curundú, and Jamaica at Old Veranillo.
One of the main objectives of the Natural Metropolitan Park is to develop programs that integrate the residents of communities near our protected area, so that they are faithful protectors of the natural site. We use the forest as a natural laboratory where children have the opportunity to experience real contact with nature.

Summer Workshop and Mid-term Workshop
These activities are focused on creating environmental awareness among children in a fun way, during school vacation periods. The workshops are designed to learn by playing and at the same time, cover various approaches, complemented with various art techniques.

Social Order Workshop
The Natural Metropolitan Park opens its doors to other National and Governmental Organizations, inviting them to participate free of charge, in Environmental Education Activities. Aimed to children coming from low-income families or children from social homes, help associations or social foundations. During the visit of these groups we held field interpretation activities complemented with workshops and artistic activities. Within organizations that have participated in this program we can mention House of Hope, Saint Joseph of Malambo’s House, Walk Together Foundation and SOS Village.

Night Tours

Nigth Tour

Scheduled the last Saturday of each month, in order to interact with the night life in this tropical forest. By using the senses, visitors are able to enjoy a completely different outing under the darkness of the night.

Professional Practices for Colleges Students

Practicante enseñando educación ambiental

The Natural Metropolitan Park, becomes a training center for those future professionals who choose this site for the development of professional practice to achieve their degrees.


International students need to develop various studies and investigations, which are a prerequisite for ending their college careers or specialization, so they can receive all the guidance and support from our staff.

Ecological and environmental events participation
By developing various fairs and environmental gatherings, we communicate the different activities taking place in the Park, as we spread a message of conservation.

We get people interested in contributing to activities such as cleaning, guided tours, library services and educational programs.

Corotú environmental Library

Biblioteca ambiental

We have a wide variety of text and information in many areas like biology, natural history, ecology and environment, which are very useful for reference and educational research.

We offer you the opportunity to celebrate your birthday at the Park, which would be an unforgettable experience for nature lovers.
We offer air conditioned room, arrangement of chairs and tables, green areas, guided tours, puppet shows and games to enjoy a healthy and ecological time with family and friends.

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